Tuesday, December 28, 2004


My name's Peter Jackson and music has been my hobby since age 13. I've been playing guitar for 40 years, bass for 10 years, and keyboards for 2 years. I also take an interest in the local jazz and classical music scene in the Twin Cities.

Recent performance and recording activities:

Since moving to the United States from Scotland 15 years ago, I've played in a rock band (Memphis Underground, Saint Louis), a mandolin ensemble (Minnesota Mandolin Orchestra), and a couple of jazz line-ups in Minneapolis-Saint Paul. I also played bass guitar on the Hurricane album by Tom and Cathy Plantenberg, and was an executive producer on the second Dennis Spears album Why Try to Change Me Now? along with my wife, Sandra Browning. I currently play at the University Club of Saint Paul with the Mike Hachey Band, and at the Speakeasy with a Paul Renz ensemble class out of the West Bank School of Music.

Other musical activities:

I recently joined the Board of Directors of the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra. The SPCO is the nation’s only full-time professional chamber orchestra and is widely regarded as one of the finest chamber orchestras in the world. I'm proud to be associated with this great group of musicians.

Feel free to visit my music home page.