Friday, January 28, 2005

Guitar acquisition syndrome and other ailments

I recently moved into a new house and collected all my musical instruments in one place for the first time. What a shock! I have a 31' x 26' basement studio, and it's now filled with 15 electric guitars, 5 acoustic guitars, 10 electric basses, 2 acoustic basses, 4 mandolins, a banjo, 4 Roland keyboards, a Vox organ, a Moog Rogue, a Fender Rhodes Piano Bass, a Novation Bass Station, and a piano accordion. I feel like a glutton owning all these instruments, but I can't bear to part with any of them. Highlights of my collection are a Gibson Les Paul Elegant, a Custom Shop 335, a Martin D-35, and a Parker Fly bass. I have a bunch of amps also, pride of place going to two custom-built tone monsters from Savage Audio, a Macht 12 and a Rohr 15.

Monday, January 24, 2005

First gig of the year

Played University Club of Saint Paul on January 7th with Melanie Marrow (vocals), Ron Peterson (electric piano), Bruce Morrow (upright electric bass), Mike Hachey (drums), and self (electric guitar). Songs included "Why Don't You Do Right?" (a.k.a. The Jessica Rabbit Song); "Autumn Leaves"; "Smile" (a Charlie Chaplin song); "Since I Fell For You"; and "Summertime". I played lead on some instrumentals to round out the evening, including "Four" (nice Miles Davis tune); "Wave" (my favorite Jobim samba); and a few blues standards.