Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Summer gigs

A catch up posting and a retrospective on the summer's gigs. In July, I played my Les Paul with the Jazzkickers on the Tech Terrace at West Publishing in Eagan. I never find it easy to get a good sound in the open air, and this gig was no exception. I made the mistake of putting an amplifier down on a concrete floor, which leads to all kinds of harsh reflections. Next time, I'm getting the amp up on a stand, or at least on a mat of some kind. Musician's Friend sells a pretty nice sound insulating mat that has the footprint of most medium size amps. Everyone else sounded good, with Carmin Pluntz on sax, Tim Wick on keys, Steven Proper on bass, and Gary Berosik on drums. I also played at the University Club of Saint Paul with Steve Klein on sax, Ron Peterson on keys, Bruce Morrow on bass and Mike Hachey on drums.

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