Monday, December 31, 2007

Catch up - I'm back

I took 2007 off from blogging and gigging, although I did play a number of minor gigs in the end. I attended the National Guitar Workshop meeting in Chicago in July, participating in the Blues Summit and playing in student concerts at Buddy Guy's club and Judson University. I also played a couple of charity gigs with the Jazzkickers and a paying gig at a Xmas office party.

2007 purchases included a Gibson Robot Guitar, which is basically a self-tuning version of the Les Paul Studio, and a Fender VG Stratocaster, which has on-board modeling from Roland. Also a five-string Parker Fly bass and a Gibson ES345 Reissue made in Memphis, TN.

On the concert front, I attended the Ojai Music Festival in California, where the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra made a guest appearance. Pierre-Laurent Aimard gave a fantastic piano recital on the Saturday morning, featuring the music of Schumann, Bach, Carter and Ives. Other concerts in 2007 included Pat Metheny, John McLaughlin and Ruthie Foster.

Plans for 2008 include rehearsing and recording with the Jazzkickers, of which more later.

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