Wednesday, May 07, 2008

James Galway and Tiempo Libre

On Monday night, Sandy and I saw James Galway with Tiempo Libre at the Dakota Jazz Club in downtown Minneapolis. This performance was something of a rehearsal for their forthcoming album, called "O'Reilly Street." Sir James played his golden soprano and alto flutes, while the band romped through the set, showing great energy and virtuosity.


K said...

what an interesting collaboration! i heard about tiempo libre in a spot on NPR and am interested in seeing them live. did they say they would be touring more together?

Peter Jackson said...

Thanks for your comment! I don't think that James Galway and Tiempo Libre will tour. This is a collaboration to make an album. The gig we saw was kind of a rehearsal. Sir James was in town to play with the Minnesota Orchestra. But Tiemp Libre are well worth seeing on their own, so do check out their web site. Also, if you like Cuban/Afro/Jazz, check out Les Hombres Calientes.