Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Year and other musical events

Sandy and I saw in the New Year at the Dakota Jazz Club, as usual. There was a double bill of Moore by Four, followed by the Steeles. Great vocals, great food, and plenty to drink.

Last night, we went to Julie Johnson's CD release concert and party at the MacPhail School of Music in Minneapolis. This was an awesome event, with many guest musicians, mostly featuring tracks from her new album, Arrest. Memorable arrangements included "Lunfardo" (Piazzolla), Assobio a jato (Villa-Lobos), and "Where Did You Sleep Last Night?" (Leadbelly), and Julie also played an original composition "The Removed" and a flute improvisation. The Antonelli Hall was full, and the crowd was enthusiastic. Additional players included Brian Roessler on bass, and Drew Druckrey on guitar.

I am continuing my studies in jazz piano at MacPhail this year. I am not playing much guitar; the winter is not being very kind to my hands. Hopefully, by the spring, I will have the strength and the time to return to stringed instruments.

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